Macromedia Flash can let you create and deliver advanced interactive content for desktops and devices. LSOIT Macromedia Flash Certification is a great way to enhance your resume by empowering you to do more efficient and effective editing, processing, and file handling.

The Course Involves following 6 Modules
Total Questions = 35, Total Time Allowed = 30 Mins, Validity Period = 30 Days

S.No. Chapter No. of Questions
1 Tools and formats 5
2 Shortcut keys 5
3 Button events and colors 5
4 Scripts 10
5 Miscellaneous 10

  • You can appear for the test at Examination Centre or Online. If you appear through examination Centre, you have to pay center fees in addition to the course fees shown above at the center only on per attendence/hour basis. Please have a look on the Student Section to know more about different options to appear for exams and their differences.
  • You can register for placement at the franchisee center itself if you are able to pass the exam.
  • You can register for placement too at our website, if you are able to pass the exam.
  • You need to secure atleast 40% for each level.
  • You will be given 1 attempt to pass a module which will give you different questions at random.
  • Grades will be given after passing the exam %>80=A+, %>70&<79%=A, %>60&<69%=B, %>50&<59%=C, %>40&<49%=D
  • If you are not able to complete the modules with in the time allowed, you will be awarded marks only for attempted questions and unattempted questions will be taken as wrong.
Course Fees Through Franchisee Through Examination Centre
Advance Level Rs. 1500 Rs. 500 + Centre Fees
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